AGNI GROUP OF COMPANIES started in 1999 and involves in promoting waste recyling concepts such as Biomass Briquetting Machines & Fly Ash Brick Machine, Biomass Briquetting, Industrial & Finance Consultancy Services with the annual turnover of 50 millian INR.


Our Mission


The result of indiscriminate exploitations of all fossil fuels have led the serious environmental problems. Pollution on massive scale is threatening human´s life itself. Hence man in his wisdom has set his vision on new sources of energy sources that are renewable. Today´s need is an energy source that will keep the environ clean, maintain the ecological balance and nourish life at all levels.

On seeing & watching the scenario, the Promoter of the Agni Group Companies Er. S Raja, a qualified Engineer with Master in Economics and Master in Business Administration decided to do something to the man kind through this sources. Then we have developed the machine to covert briquettes from the wastes which are lying in the fields and roadside creating the massive pollution.

Hence the human consumption of electricity is moving upwards, hence the most of countries in the world are erecting thermal power plants, which is one of the cheapest source of energy. The fly ash accumulated out of the thermal power plants creating the environmental problems like polluting the air and water nearing thru power plants. To save the human life from this scenario, we have developed the mechanism for converting the ash to construction brick, which in turn reduce the massive erosion of clay soil used for making country bricks.

We in Agni group industries, wish to start ventures with motive to help human life thus saving mother nature by promoting concepts of pollution free and environment friendly methods.


The pursuit of global standards, technology, processes and services enabled us to earn prestigious ISO 9001-2008 from reputed international accreditation bodies. This incidentally makes Agni the first in the indian sub continent to obtain this prestigious approval in this segment. The companie`s innovative concepts has enabled to carve a niche for itself in indian Briquetting industry by successfully introducing innovative models in the minimum budgets.

The Management

The group companies are promoted by eminent Engineer in this region Shri. S. Raja alias Agni Raja. After his brief stint from engineer to the General Manager of the limited company in this region, which involves in promoting environmental concepts in Tamilnadu for more than three decades. Hailed and based from the famous temple town of Bhavani, in Erode District, Tamilandu.

He effectively involves in promoting environment friendly concepts Biomass, Fly ash utilization and Educating new Entrepreneurs. He is engaged with major NGO trusts in this region and also he involves in renovating many Hindu temples in this region. His continuous interest in charity activities forced him to float a separate trust under name of Agni Charitable Trust to help economically weaker sections in education, housing, medical aids, sanitations etc. The trust has organized many number of medical specialize camps for rural poor in this region.

We have developed more than 100 new line entrepreneurs in this region in line with many activities thus providing free technical guidance and financial assistance for needy un-employed youth of rural India.

All the group companies are managed by the team of Hi Tech Professionals with vast knowledge in each and every division. Under the leadership of Sri. S. Raja the companies come up in record short time and became one of the leading exporter and industrial promoter of this region.